DISCflex™ Recovery – Group Report

DISCflex™ Recovery – Group Report brings together the Group Leader and their recoveree's/client's behavior styles into one report.

This report is great for- Therapists/Coaches to use to understand their clients/recoverees. They will be able to see how their behavior impacts how they interact with the group.

DISCflex™ Recovery – Group Report Contents

  • Individual Team Members’ Scores and Behavioral Breakdown – bar, pie, and unique scoring levels for each DISC factor – enabling you to assess trust, communication, and a myriad of other behaviors
  • Affinity Diagram breakdown analyzing each individual DISC factor level for every team member
  • 9 Fundamental Operational Steps for High-Performance Teams - Process Steps: from Vision right through to After Action Review (see sample DISC Team Report Tool)
  • Team Leader Strengths and Challenges – detailed section on how the selected leader will deal with this team including Executive Coaching Targeted Tips and Bewares (prewarned is prearmed!)