About DISCflex Recovery

Indaba Global (IG) is a tech company founded in 1989 focused on providing tools, assessments, eLearning, and consulting services in the areas of behavioral modification, certification, and education to corporations and academic institutions primarily focused on the employee, management, and leadership development. The Indaba platform uses technology integration similar to that deployed by the defense industry (electro-optical sensor satellites and Intel software). In 2015, IG began to develop DISCflex Recovery, creating a system by integrating behavioral assessments, tailored eLearning, and goal setting for clients and their supporters. Indaba launched
DISCflex Recovery in 1Q 2017. Education and reports, as well as analysis, are delivered via a web-based platform with client and admin dashboards. In the process, we acquired never-before-collected behavioral data.

We 'Wrote the Book' on Personalized Automated Behavior Modifiction

We Wrote The Book On Behavior Modification
Indaba has over 25 years experience providing behavioral and leadership solutions to prominent academic, corporate, and health networks globally.

Why Do We Focus On Behavior?

Definition of Behavior - "The way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially towards others." (Oxford Dictionary)

DISCflex Recovery focuses on behavioral skills because behavior is at the root of everything people do. Our natural behavior tendencies dictate how we think, which affects our decision-making process, and ultimately determines how we act. Successful people understand the importance of mastering their behaviors and spend time practicing behavior skills. One way they accomplish this is by taking a "look in the mirror" approach and being introspective about how their behaviors impact others, both good and bad.  Our goal is to give you the tools to help you to master your behavior.